Saturday, September 24, 2011

Welcome to The Food Journey!

In these uncertain economic times, the rising cost of food can quickly take up a large portion of your monthly budget. If you eat out only a few meals a month, that can add up to quite a chunk of change in just a short amount of time. Our family budget was recently cut in half when I lost my job.  We are currently in the process of "making do" with the foods we have stored through long-term storage, canning and dehydrating, and our daily use pantry.  In this blog, we will explore ways to use food items you have on hand (or can easily obtain) to make delicious and filing meals. We will also discuss fresh fruits and vegetables. In addition to recipes using them fresh from the garden, we will discuss preserving them (canning, dehydrating, or freezing) for later use. Thank you for joining me on this journey. I hope you find it fun!

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