Friday, October 14, 2011

What's for Dinner? (Thursday) Grilled Chicken with Linguine and Cream Sauce

While at the local dollar store today, I spotted a box of Mediterranean Chicken and Angel Hair pasta mix where you added the chicken.  It really looked delicious and I picked it up to buy, but then I got to thinking, why spend $1 when I have everything I need at home to make a similar meal.  So, I put the box back on the shelf and came home.  I got some frozen chicken tenders out of the freezer to thaw and went to raid the pantry.  I decided to use some whole wheat linguine pasta (because I didn't have any angel hair pasta) and to use my Cream of Whatever mix as the base for my sauce. (I used 2/3 cup mix to 2 2/3 cups water and added about 2 Tbs Parmesean cheese.) I must say, it really did turn out great (and I still have that $1 in my pocket.)

Now, $1 probably wasn't a bad price for that box mix, but the point is that we need to start thinking about what we have on hand to make the meals we want instead of just going out and buying something new.

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